Sunday, May 29, 2011


{Much Needed Windshield Wipers}

I love getting usefully/practical, slightly random gifts. Gifts for no reason at all are the one that make me the most happiest. Because it means that the gifter was thinking about you and chose to get you something "just because." I love that! I try to be the gifter of those random gift more often...why not share the love with my friends and family. These wipers were one of those gifts. It has been over a year and a half since I last changed my wipers. Yes, my mom give them to me which is a very mom-thing to do but that doesn't change the happiness that I felt from receiving such an unexpected and welcomed gift. Someone in my life is gonna be receiving a very random gift...very soon...

{Mini Strawberry-Short Cakes}

{A Hesitantly Thrifted Gold Pencil Skirt}
{This is sooo far from what I normally wear...going need help styling this one.}

{Awesome Deal From Groupon}
{I definitely got in on this deal.}

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