Sunday, May 22, 2011


{Amazing White Chedder Shells & Cheese by Paula Deen}
{I sooo have to get to her restaurant one day.}

The Food Network is my go-to channel when there is nothing else I find interesting on TV. I guess you could say that I am picky with the things that I watch. I'm kind of all over the place with my TV watching...but I admit that I love crime dramas NCIS, Criminal Minds & Leverage to name a few.  I watch a fair few British shows, Docs and Doc-like shows like Are You Being Served? & As Time Goes By to Deadliest Catch & Myth Busters. Don't get me wrong, I'm not this hoity-toity person that, "ooonly watches shows with meaning or purpose" {in my poshest voice}. HA! I do watch very ridiculous shows like The Fantasy Factory , World's Dumbest & Danny and the Dingo. Love them!
By the way, I HATE The Jersey Shore even the commercials! There is absolutely nothing interesting or entertaining about them. I wish they would just go away... Okay, rant over.

{Yummy Drinks from Dunkin' Donuts...and the Express}
{Yea, it is sitting on top of my printer...bad Crystal, bad!}

{Sinful Colors "San Francisco"}

{Awesomely Large Thrifed Clutch}
{I really need to start thrifing during the week more often...found some great deals.}

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