Monday, April 25, 2011

{What's In My Bag}

I think every blog I have read, there has been a "What's In My Bag" post...So when I did an exchange of a couple of my purses for this purse and another bag, I decided it was my time to do one. You know, before this bag starts collecting candy/gum wrappers, receipts, mail, spare change, etc.
I love how large this bag is.

{Starting from top left to right}
Walk for the Cure Calender (supporting a good cause)
Phone Charger (until I buy a charger to keep at work)
Headphones/Wireless headset
Crystal Light Drink Mix (Love the Cherry/Pomegranate & Raspberry Lemonade)
Orange Sapphire Anti-Bacterial Gel
Keys (& my numerous discount mini-cards)
On its last leg Umbrella (I've had it for about 4 months & got it from the Dollar I got my moneys worth)
Tommy Hilfiger Wallet (Thrifted from The Salvation Army for $1.25...half-off Tuesday)
Orbit: Cinnamint
CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint: Bare Mint (Bridesmaid gift from Latoya...I love it but I'm mad she got me hooked on it. Ha.)

Not Pictured Items:
Canon PowerShot SD1100 (A prize from work for outstanding performance...thank you, thank you. Ha.)
Halls (Original flavor[Love it]...I get major sore throats easily, so I try to treat them as quickly as possible.)
Netflix DVDs (It seems like I always have DVDs to return[Redbox/Blockbuster Express] or mail)
Jump Drive & 2nd Camera Battery

Blitz (My phone is not picture because it is never in my purse...I'm a little OCD with my phone (after freezing the last one to death by leaving it in the car overnight and half a day.)
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