Friday, April 29, 2011

{I'm Just Not That Into You}

W.I.W(What I Wore):

Flats FB| Pants Thrifed| Cardigan and Shirt Old Navy| Necklace Icing

I love British shows and movies however I have not been into the whole Royal Wedding stuff. It is funny how much information you can retain about stuff that you're not into. Not just this, my 4.5 year old niece talks at me all the time (It is not a conversation because I can never get a word in. Ha.)...while I definitely love her, I just wish she would shut-up be quiet some times...I amazingly remember everything she tells me. I have retained so much info about the royals and the wedding that I have amazed myself by some of the comments I have made tonight. Like, one of the mini-bridesmaids is William's goddaugther...huh, I don't remember where I picked that up from...and truth be told, I could be lying. But I do recall that from somewhere...anyways...
The Wendy Williams show is coming on...gotta go..
Don't judge me!
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