Friday, February 11, 2011

Mac & Cheese

I woke up this morning with a splitting-headache but still managed to get to work. Super busy day today...I got through it without walking out, completely shutting down or telling my co-worker what I really think about her. I was amazed at that last one and the self-restraint I have. Because on my best of days I usually struggling with that...
Anyways, the headache did not go just decreased to a dull ache by the time I got off work, so I knew I was gonna spend the night in. So I whipped up my very favorite childhood comfort food....macaroni and cheese!!!


Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese


Melting the butter in a kind of large pot. Next, add the flour to the butter making a roux (of sorts). Then, add the milk slowly to the mixture (while stirring).

Next add the cheese...I think it should mandatory that it should be sharp cheese and a lot of it :)

I cooked a pot of farfalle paste (It was what I had on hand. Hey, it still tasted the same), drained, and mixed it all together. Yum! Make sure you watch the roux because it can go from good to bad in seconds. This was definitely a good choice of events for the night.

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