Friday, December 30, 2011

{Christmas Stripes}

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas... and will have a happy safe New Year. My Christmas holiday was very enjoyable and relaxing... even the funeral I attended on Christmas Eve did not put a damper on the holiday. {She lived a long full life and knew Jesus as her personal Lord and savior. A poem from her sister stated it best that, "She'll be spending Christmas with Jesus this year."} Christmas Sunday was great! Church service only lasted an hour and we spent the time singing Christmas songs and listened to the Christmas story. I love my church and how casual/laid-back it is. Good times.

Shoes: Aloha Island | Pants: FB | Tanks: ON | Sweater: Attention | Necklace: Icing | Ring: Goody's

Sunday, December 25, 2011

{Extras| Christmas Movies}

{Scrooged: 1988}
{Hands-down my favorite Christmas movie.}

I love movies! My favorite movies are on heavy rotation throughout the year... and I do not discriminate against movies due to the genre they fall in. These are my all-time favorite Christmas themed movies. 
Having all these movies on dvd is a must when you're like me and want to watch a great movie in the middle of July.

{How the Grinch Stole Christmas: 1966}
{Loved this cartoon growing up}

{White Christmas: 1954}
{A classic. One of the few musicals I like.}

{Trapped in Paradise: 1994}
{This movie is absolutely hilarious. An inept heist movie set in a super small town with the nicest people ever.}

If you have not seen these movies, I am shocked and appalled. Ha! then you really need to get them in your life. 
Like right now.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

{The Week Before Christmas}

*All pictures this week were taken on my phone.

*My Mom's Christmas tree... yep she waited until the 18th to have my brother pull out all her decorations and some how convinced me to put everything up.
*Delicious treats at work. Love the baked potatoes from Wendy... and the fact that they are on the dollar menu.
*I am sick to the point were I actually called-out sick from work...I never call-out from work. To quote every old person I know, "this is pneumonia weather" in NC. Two must haves: chicken both w/ noodles and Cool Touch Kleenex... if you haven't tried these Kleenex, you really need to get them in you life.

*I found this amazing treat sitting on the counter one day; my mom is so random and I can't describe how much I love that about her. While shopping for stocking stuffers for my niece & nephew, I came across this very odd book on CD Edgar & Ellen Tourist Trap by Charles Ogden. I was so odd that it was very interesting... I didn't buy it, but I'm definitely gonna check out reviews on the book.
*This is how two of my co-workers showed up on Tacky Christmas Sweater/Jeans Day. Ha! I, by the way, do not own a tacky Christmas, so I just took part in wearing jeans to work. My gift from my awesome manger. Business was so slow Friday afternoon, my amazing manager allowed me to leave work early.  I packed up and ran out of that building so fast that I left this ornament sitting at my desk. Ha.
*I brought in store bought cupcakes for my co-workers so they would have no fear of potentially catching what I have. Ha. This the pile of gifts that I still have to wrap... procrastinating.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{The Company Christmas Party}

The company I work for puts on the most epic in my humble opinion Christmas party EVER. There is just something about going to an out-of-town resort with a free room in said resort, meeting co-workers from other branches/cities*, winning prizes and partying hard until late in the evening/early in the morning. This year's party had an 80s Prom theme and was held at The Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes... Welcome.
picture heavy.

 *The staff was amazing. Definitely topnotch.

*Loved the Bath and Body Works freebies. 

* Robes? Yes please. 

*Loved, Loved, Loved the extreme pillow-top mattress and super soft bedding.

*The gift bags were great, with the random 80s candy however the best parts were the free drink tickets c/o of two of our vendors, the bottle of Smartwater and the Advil. They knew exactly what we would need. Ha.

 *The entrance...


 *"It's electric. Boogie, woogie, woogie."

*Yep, that's my Long Island Iced Tea right there. The meal was good but the only salad dressing option was  bleu cheese, which I'm not a fan of. 

*Me, Sue, Teena

*By the end of the night, I had switched to vodka and cranberry juice**.
 All in all, it was a great night!

*I speak to the majority of my co-workers on the phone multiple times a day but with the different branches scattered across the state, I have never spoken to almost all of them face to face. The party provides a great opportunity to put a voice with a face.

**After my first Christmas party, I learned quickly that it is necessary for you to bring your own beverages to the hotel so that you can refresh your own drink. A person could go broke at these ritzy resorts. Ha!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

{Myrtle Beach + November = Relaxation & Shopping}

The calm before the storm that has been the last four weeks of my life...

*My scaled-down but still over packed bags for this long weekend trip.
*A random backwoods street in sketchy neighborhood while trying to find a bank... thanks Marilyn
*Parking permit for the parking deck.
*A rainy first day at the beach... we went shopping.

*Atlantic Breeze Ocean Resort

*Inside the living room of our awesome 3 bedroom condo.
*An odd warning flyer from the resort advising us that there are non-guest "aggressively" handing out menus. Huh...
*One word: Outlets
*My amazing triple streakburger from Streak 'n Shake. {This was my first time ever eating there.}

*Good Morning!

*Super comfortable bed.
*Quiet morning....
*People started coming out and flying kites... made me immediately think of Mary Poppins.
*Love, love, love my fuzzy green socks... perfect for the cold weather.

*The view from my room... one of the three balconies we had.
*Mirrored ceiling elevator.
*Broadway at the Beach
*I really don't have a clue what these people were digging for but they were going to town.

*A bit of the relaxing/napping we did...
*Coastal Grand Mall... and more shopping.

*At Steak 'n Shake again... the guys weren't with us the first time we went.
*A bit of napping in the car... these guys could sleep just about anywhere.
*The view from the other side of the resort.
*My amazing Jack Daniels Streak and Garlic Parmesan potatoes from TGIFridays.

I got some major shopping done mostly for myself and was able to cross my niece off my Christmas shopping list. All in all it was a good trip... however it was during this trip that I received word that my mom had collapsed and was in ICU.....

Sunday, December 4, 2011


{Maybelline: Baby Lips}
{decided to try it after watching The Style Supreme's October faves}

The last 4 weeks for me have been stressful and tiring... however by the grace of God we have made it through. This week, the major thing I am thankful for/loving is my mom is out of the hospital, has completed inpatient rehab and is now at home... still making amazing progress. *happy dance* 
These others things are just the icing on top of an already awesome cake.

{Nature Valley Trail Mix Bars: Fruit & Nut}
{my current in-purse snack.... loving it!}

{A random gift from my 5-year-old niece.}

{Express: Love Express perfume}
{loving these rollerball perfumes right now... great way to test them w/o committing to a regular bottle}

{Want: Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag}
{this would be the perfect candy dish for my desk at work}

Monday, November 14, 2011

{Fall Weekend Outfits}

Every weekend of my favorite season, my outfits include some version of these three items: kicks, jeans & sweaters. Absolute comfort is the only thing I think about on the weekends. Love it.

Kicks: Pumas | Jeans: FB | Shirt and Tank: ON | Sweater: Gap | Necklace: Icing

Sunday, November 13, 2011


{Delicious treats while at work}

Going back to work after a long weekend at the beach shopping is definitely tough. To make matters worse, my mom is in the hospital she is doing well... she got stepped down from ICU on Thursday.... needless to say, this weeks has been absolute crap. Only two things are needed for dealing with these situations: food and caffeine.

{Wolfgang Puck's K-Cup: Breakfast in Bed*}

{Granny Smith Candy Apple}

{Bailey's Coffee Creamer}

{1.25 Liter Coca-Cola... for 99 cents. Yes please.}

*I know, I know.... "I don't drink coffee." Well, I can no longer say that after this week. Late nights caused semi-major lapses of memory, resulting in no morning tea or soda. Stumbling into the break-room at work, the K-Cups are what greeted me.... and their caffeine was just too much to resist. With the addition of the Bailey's coffee creamer, I am a fan.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{Cold Weather Must Haves}

We, Southerners, do not handle the cold very well. Everyone has their own must haves in order to deal with it... these are mine.

{Fleece Pea Coat | Ross. Love pea coats!}

{Slouchy Knit Hat | Forever 21}

{American Eagle: Buckle Strap Cuff Boots | Payless}

{Hand-knitted Infinity Scarf | a coming soon Etsy store}

{Fuzzy Boot Slippers | Sock Sale}

There are still somethings that I need to get... gloves, PJs, etc. My friends and I have a beach vacation planned for next weekend aka an outlet-shopping-weekend, so I should have no problem getting everything on my list. And my Christmas list... my goal is to be completely done with my Christmas list before December. Fingers crossed.