Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Gifts A Day Early...Thank You Misters FedEx and UPS Delivery Guys....

So I have some of the best friends on this planet. They know me so well. They know that I'm not big on surprises so I don't mind knowing the ending to movies or what a gift is before it is fact I would prefer to know beforehand (I may have already gotten the item myself). So the gifts I usually receive are gift cards... which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! 
Getting back to my epic friends...they know my preferred method of shopping...internet. And when you do as much internet shopping as I do, then you have created wish lists on just about every site. THEY BOUGHT MY WISH LISTS!!!(After sending me threatening texts not to buy anything online until Christmas. Yes, threatening! Do you understand what kind of sales are going on right now?)

This is just some of the stuff...LOVE IT!!!

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